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Temperament Definition

Temperament - What Is It?

Temperament, in simple terms, is the genetic inborn part of a person that determines how one reacts to people, places and things. In short, its how we interact with our environment and the world around us.

Temperament pinpoints our perceptions of ourselves and the people who love us. It is also the determining factor in how well we handle the stresses and pressures of today.

Temperament determines how much love and affection we need. The need is placed within us by God. As a person moves from childhood to adulthood environment develops learned behavior. Situations in life can be negative or positive, thus bringing about self-selected behavior called personality. However, at some point in time a person must revert back to temperament and character (actions and reactions of behavior).

There are five (5) different types of Temeprament: 1) Melancholy 2) Choleric 3) Sanguine 4) Supine and 5) Phlegmatic

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Luke 4:18-19